Episode 34: SLAP and Bowling Beef ft. Bri Laboss

Unapologetic Tawk by Unapologetic Tawk Podcast

Episode notes

We have one of Rudy’s good friends, comrades, and co-inspirator Bri on the podcast this week! We start off learning more about Bri, her activism mindset, and about Rudy and Bri’s history together. We also talk about what Bri has going on these days, including SLAP. We talk about Bris travels including to Africa and a childhood trip to their home country of Haiti.

Dimez recently went on a trip to push for LGBTQ+ legislation at the New York State capitol in Albany. Dimez gives us an inside look at the lobbying process and their time with Free To Be Youth.

The student protests against the genocide in Gaza are in full force. Together with Bri, our team discusses the implications of and nuances to the school and government responses to these encampments and occupations and how it can impact the genocide.

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