Episode 33: NYPD Wants A Maybach ft. Brian Cummings & Shakeem Hinds

Unapologetic Tawk by Unapologetic Tawk Podcast

Episode notes

In this episode we have guests Brian Cummings and Shakeem Hinds in the studio with Relly! Rolling in on good energy, we start off with an introduction to our guests, who they are and what they do.

Then we get into the hot topic - NYPD harassing Brian and Shakeem last week while they were chilling out front of their nephews house in a nice car. The officers were known to them having harassed them before, and the incident ended in arrests.

We dissect the video of the incident with our guests telling their side of the story, and then topic gets more nuanced: patterns of NYPD harassment, criminalization of Black success, and how this all relates to bigger themes in our everyday lives.

This is just the start for Brian and Shakeem as they spread their story and fight for accountability from the NYPD.

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