Who doesn’t Love Chocolate? Our Conversation with a Sustainable Cacao Farmer and Activist

Let's Talk Ecosystems Podcast by the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030)

Episode notes

Join us for this first episode where we meet up with Louise Mabulo, a Filipino environmentalist, farmer, social entrepreneur, and master chef.

Louise is the founder of The Cacao Project, a social enterprise that works with over 200 farmers in the Philippines.

She shares her thoughts with us on farming as a career choice, an opportunity to provide green jobs and landscape stewardship.

She’s also a chocolate expert, explaining what fair trade means to the industry and how cacao farming can happen sustainably.

Louise tells us about the power of food and recipes, how cooking can galvanize entire populations, promoting the farm-to-table narrative.

In addition, Louise advises how young people can get invol ... 

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