Union Weekly

by Union Middle School

Explore Union Middle School's vibrant community through Union Weekly, hosted by Mr. Schlesinger, Zander Frisbey, Hailee Warner. This podcast offers a unique look at the Bobcats' lives, covering library insights, counseling, and leadership. It’s a blend of education and community spirit, showcasing the diverse voices of Union Middle School!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Bobcat Power: Get Involved with NJHS & Student Ambassadors

    Bobcat Power: Get Involved with NJHS & Student Ambassadors

    Calling all ambitious Bobcats! Union Weekly dives into the exciting world of student leadership with Ms. Graham and Ms. Morley, advisors for NJHS and Student Ambassadors. Discover how YOU can join these impactful organizations for the 2024-2025 school year and make a difference in the Union community. Learn about service projects, school spirit initiatives, GPA requirements, and the numerous benefits of membership, including boosted college applications and scholarship opportunities. Get the inside scoop on how to apply, the importance of teacher recommendations, and don't miss the deadline! Plus, enjoy hilarious and heartwarming stories from Ms. Graham and Ms. Morley, and participate in the "Question of the Week" for a chance to win a paw card pack!

  • Empowering Education: A Conversation with Mr. Brannon

    Empowering Education: A Conversation with Mr. Brannon

    We're thrilled to have Mr. Brannon, our dedicated vice principal, joining us for an enlightening conversation. With a rich background in education spanning over 18 years, Mr. Brannon shares his journey from teaching to administration, highlighting his passion for working with junior high students. He discusses the challenges and rewards of transitioning into a new school, expressing his excitement for the opportunities ahead. From fostering positive relationships with students to collaborating with staff, Mr. Brannon's enthusiasm for education shines through. Tune in as we delve into his insights on the evolving landscape of education and the importance of community support. With his warm demeanor and wealth of experience, Mr. Brannon offers a glimpse into the vibrant culture of Union Middle School.

  • Dramatic Lessons: Behind the Scenes with Ms. Grant on School Theater

    Dramatic Lessons: Behind the Scenes with Ms. Grant on School Theater

    We are joined by Ms. Grant for a delightful delve into the dynamic world of school theater! As we navigate through the acts and anecdotes of this season's performances, Ms. Grant gives us an exclusive backstage pass to the challenges and charms of bringing Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Errors" to life at Union Middle School. Listen in as we explore the intricate process of transforming a script into a spectacle, and how the students have embraced the complexity of Shakespearean language and themes. From the hustle of rehearsals to the thrill of opening night, we uncover the dedication behind the drama and the laughter that ensues both on and off stage. This episode not only spotlights the theatrical journey but also reflects on the growth and camaraderie fostered through the arts in education. Break a leg and tune in to celebrate the spirit of school theater with us!

  • Paw Cards Premiere: Unveiling Union's Latest Craze with Mrs. Fillmore

    Paw Cards Premiere: Unveiling Union's Latest Craze with Mrs. Fillmore

    We're joined by the innovative Mrs. Fillmore to delve into the exciting launch of Union's latest sensation: Paw Cards. Scheduled for release tomorrow, these cards have been in the works since December, receiving the green light from the administration in January. Mrs. Fillmore shares the journey from ideation to implementation, highlighting the labor-intensive yet rewarding process. The episode also sheds light on the Bobcat Market's successful year, revealing student favorites and the dynamics of running a student-led store. Dive into the discussion on the anticipated impact of Paw Cards on school spirit, the unique collection and trading mechanisms designed to engage students, and how these cards aim to foster a deeper connection within the Union community.

  • Fitness, Fun, and Learning: A Dive into PE with Mr. Penrod

    Fitness, Fun, and Learning: A Dive into PE with Mr. Penrod

    We're joined by Mr. Penrod, a dedicated PE teacher with a passion for physical education and health. With a background deeply rooted in a family of educators, Mr. Penrod shares his journey from considering a career in sports journalism to embracing the world of physical education, driven by a love for sports and a desire to impact students' lives positively. Celebrating 15 years in teaching, he discusses the unique approach he brings to PE at Union, emphasizing creativity, teamwork, and the development of lifelong fitness habits. Mr. Penrod highlights the importance of perseverance, teamwork, and embracing challenges both in and out of the gym, drawing connections between physical education and real-life skills such as resilience and cooperation. Through stories of innovative games and the transformative power of PE, this episode offers a glimpse into the dynamic and impactful world of physical education at Union, showcasing how Mr. Penrod and the PE program are shaping healthier, more active, and well-rounded students.