Foresight Institute and Fifty Years: How Nonprofits and VCs Are Advancing DeSci

UltraRare The Podcast by Jocelynn Pearl

Episode notes

This episode features leaders from two different sectors who are working together to advance the decentralized science movement. Allison Deuttmann is the CEO of Foresight Institute, a nonprofit that benefits the development of high-impact technologies. It was founded back in 1987 and continues to pave the way for new work in science and technology. We're also joined by Ela Madej, founding partner of 50 Years, a venture capital firm focused on deep tech and web3 (among other areas) and a mission statement of wanting to use capital as a force for good. So my question to our guests today is how do these two worlds support the growing DeSci movement? How are they thinking about what is happening in this space? And what are their hopes and fears for the future?

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