A Trailblazer for Crowdfunded Science Talks DeSci (David Lang, Experiment.com)

UltraRare The Podcast by Jocelynn Pearl
Today's episode is a collaboration with David Lang, executive director of Experiment Foundation and creator and host of Science Better. David and Jocelynn talk about crowdfunding for science, some of the twists and turns of building new platforms, and lessons learned from open science and citizen science communities. They also get into th  ...  See more
May 05 2022

Jocelynn (00:00)
Hello and welcome back to UltraRare The Podcast. I'm your host, Jocelynn Pearl, and today we have a great episode for you all. I chat with David Lang. He's been involved in Experiment.com, which is a crowdfunding platform for scientists, and he's been generally interested in the decentralized science movement. But he's also had a lot of experience, not always good, in other communities, like the open science movement. So we talk about some of the aspects of DeSci that he's excited about, and some of the things he's nervous about. And this episode will be a collaboration with his show SciBetter. I really encourage you to check out his show. We'll link it below. He also does these great recaps on their website. So I'm excited to share this conversation with you. And if you'r

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