Decentralized in Biotech: A Conversation with Ethan Perlstein of Perlara

UltraRare The Podcast by Jocelynn Pearl
Ethan Perlstein started his company with Silicon Valley funding and a Bay Area lab, taking a traditional, centralized path to working on drug development and drug repurposing. But that was back in 2014. Today, his public benefit corporation (Perlara), looks like a very different business, made up of biotech consultants from around the wor  ...  See more
Apr 27 2022

Jocelynn (00:01)
Hello and welcome back to UltraRare The Podcast, a show where we dive into the space of decentralized science. We're also going to be covering art, NFTs, philanthropy, and more. For today's episode, I interview Ethan Perlstein, who leads Perlara, a company that I see as one of the leaders in the decentralized biotech space. Ethan operates using a group of global scientists to identify cures for rare diseases. We talk about the evolution of Perlara in this episode, and I hope you learn a lot from what he's done in this space. If you enjoy this content, please consider subscribing to our show wherever you listen to podcasts. Thanks so much for listening today.

Jocelynn (00:53)
I'd like to welcome Ethan Perlstein, head of Perlara. He is part of movement within the biotech sp

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