Tit Talk #2 - Early Detection Matters: Young Women and Breast Health

Too Young For This Shit | AYA Breast Cancer Podcast by Rosalina and Shauna

Episode notes

In this episode of "Tit Talk," Rosalina challenges the prevailing misconception that breast cancer only affects older people and reinforces that no one is too young to get cancer.

She highlights the concerning statistics reflecting the rising breast cancer rates among young women under 40.

Due to the heightened rising cancer rate, Rosalina introduces the "CheckMate" initiative pioneered by the Brem Foundation, which offers a free Breast Health Quiz to empower women with a comprehensive understanding of their breast cancer risk factors. The core message behind CheckMate is to underscore the profound significance of early detection. With one in eight women confronting a breast cancer diagnosis, early detection significantly enhances survival rates.

The episode concludes with Rosalina stressing the importance of self-breast examina ... 

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