Voice Memo #2: What Advice Would You Give To Individuals Or Corporations Who Are Considering Donating To Breast Cancer Awareness? | Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Too Young For This Shit | AYA Breast Cancer Podcast by Rosalina and Shauna

Episode notes

This week, We share voice messages from our listeners who gave their tips and advice to individuals and/or corporations who are considering donating to breast cancer awareness.

We are still looking for voice memo submissions for our next mini episode airing next friday.

This mini episode will feature the Previvors in the community.If you are a Previvor and want to participate, we want to know “What is it like to be a Previvor? What advice would you give to those who just found out about their gene mutation?”

Visit the link below to submit your voice memo:https://www.speakpipe.com/msg/s/321705/3/4yt2v3d8ktysytqt

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