We donated TWO running legs to bilateral amputee, Taylor Layle

Two Dudes Three Legs by Zachary Dingee

Episode notes

Taylor Layle is training for the 2026 paralympics in snowboarding. Anthony Cappelletti and Zachary Dingee teamed up with Givability to provide her with two Levitate Running Blades. Taylor thinks we're here for an interview in Denver, Colorado but little does she know we're surprising her with the ability to run again. We hope you enjoy the legs, @amputay6863 We came to Colorado not only to gift Taylor Layle with running blades, just in time for the holiday, but to meetup with Lasse Madsen and the Levitate crew at the Levitate Test Run, a summit for amputees to gather from all around the world. Sponsored by PlugPV Solar Levitate Sport POA Prosthetics and Givability.us Powered by

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