Kristine - Recruiting and Mentoring: Passion, Equality and Determination

Two and a Mic - The Social Podcast by Zak

Episode notes

Kristine is the consummate professional. She works exactly as any boss would love for her to work; dedicated, focused and always willing to learn. Luckily enough for Kristine she is also the kind of boss people would love to work for. She is patient, instructive, approachable and consistent. As it happens, Kristine runs her own company Andris Capek Consulting, she is both employee and boss. She has worked successfully with her business partner in life sciences recruiting for 3 years.

Recruiting is a tough industry and it is not for everyone. It is the sharp end of sales and the product is people. Kristine gives us a bit of background into how she does what she does on the professional side of things, and she is a truly impressive person. You can hear the smile on her face when she speaks and that immediately is a very positive sign.

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