S3 E45 Hidden Religious Politics and What You Never Realized about Nephite Kingship, Christ and Your Sins

The Scriptures Are Real by Kerry Muhlestein

Episode notes

In this episode Daniel Belnap and Kerry discuss elements of Nephite kingship and society that most people don't ever think of. They talk about the merging of Mulekite and Nephite cultures and the role that Davidic kingship played in that merge, and how we see echoes and ramifications of that throughout Nephite history. They also talk about how it impacts what happens in the various stories of the Book of Mosiah, and in the life of King Mosiah. They then tie this into your sins and Christ and forgiveness.

We are grateful for our sponsors, and for our producer BJ Muhlestein, and for Rich Nicholls, who composed and plays the music for the podcast.

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