"TNN Live!" Tuesday, February 13, 2024 w/Steve Baker with J6 updates on several investigations that are alarming!

"TNN Live!" by Dan E. Newman

Episode notes

Today, we dig into the "real" things happening in the massive funding bill for Ukraine, Israel, and other allies. What's going on with more Biden spending? "Follow the Money!" There's always more to the story than what they tell us. Inflation is up again! Wait a minute: Didn't Biden and his minions tell us, "Costs are down, prices across the board are down, and inflation is down?" I know it's hard to believe, but it's obvious the Biden Administration is NOT giving us facts!" There's something scary in the air. The House of Representatives is considering a new bill that will regulate the ability of the Department of Justice to investigate Americans without the use of a Warrant. The problem is that the DOJ doesn't have to prove to a judge a permanent investigation into the private lives of citizens necessary to justify such an investi ... 

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