A.K. DOZANTI -- Life Saver Wellness

T.R.U.T.H. -- The Reality Under The Headline by Michael Bagby

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A.K. Dozanti is a former Deputy Sheriff and Criminal Court Victim Advocate turned Yoga Instructor, Master of Arts in Criminology and Victimology, Life Coach and educator. She has combined all of her skills, knowledge and experience to build this comprehensive approach to first responder wellness.

She currently owns and operates Life Saver Wellness LLC as a First Responder Wellness Specialist and Coach. She also serves as the Law Enforcement Wellness Specialist for the Hope Meadows Foundation as well as a Critical Incident Stress Management Team Member for her county.

• 2 years undercover internet investigations (At just 19 years old)

• Vice-President of my Academy Class (At only 20 years old)

• Bachelor's Degree in Justice Studies and Sociology

• 7 years as Deputy Sheriff - 2015 Office ... 

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