Episode 27: The Ghost of Ernie Banks

Trivial Arguments by Lenny Arquilla

Episode notes

Welcome to Episode 27 of Trivial Arguments. The podcast that would feed the homeless if they just asked nicely. The official BIL of TA, Peter is here for his 3rd turn on the mic. We discussed the highs and lows of the Cubs this season, where the team goes from here, and why the 20th anniversary of 2003 could be a season to remember. We also talked about other things at any given time. As always, we did some trivia and we got into some arguments. Pod Trivia: Cubs "legends." Follow us on Instagram @trivialarguments. P.S. I left a long outdo because Hawaii by Tobjan is a banger and I will not apologize for that. I will give $5 to anybody that reads this and tells me about it.

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