"THE ELEVATED MIDDLE" - Tim Dunlop and "Voices of Us"

#transitzone by Peter Clarke, Margo Kingston and Tim Dunlop

Episode notes

A feature interview with the author of, Voices of us: The independents’ movement transforming Australian democracy.

Peter Clarke speaks with his fellow #transitzone podcaster, Tim Dunlop, about some of the key themes in Tim's latest and fourth book that charts and analyses the rise and electoral successes of the "teals", those community independents, all women, who won a swag of formerly blue ribbon Liberal Party seats from coalition incumbents in the 2022 federal election.

The overarching theme is the health of and future prospects for the Australian democracy as this form of governance is severely stress-tested globally and in many cases, eroded and corroded.

Was the last federal election, with about a third of voting Australian citizens opting for candidates  ... 

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