AI, Clouds, and YouTube Magic: Decoding Google's Stock Surge!

Trade & Triumph by VSTAR

Episode notes

Jump into the fast-paced world of Google stock! Currently cruising at $133.32, Google has been on a wild ride, ranging from $85.57 to $142.38 in the last 52 weeks. Short-term dips? No worries! With a 4.51% surge over a month and a cool 7.20% over six months, Google's stock is a standout with year-to-date and one-year returns rocking at 50.25% and 31.64%. In the long game, it's flexed its muscles with a substantial 143.63% growth over five years. Fueled by AI-driven services, ad formats using Generative AI, YouTube Shorts with 70 billion daily views, and Q3 revenue hitting $8.4 billion, Google's stock is on fire. For the Google Stock Forecast 2023 – we might hit $149 by year-end. Zooming into 2025, Google's stock might reach $215. Now, envision 2030, and Google's stock could dance at $387. It's a wild ride of twists and turns, driven by AI, cloud  ... 

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