Apple Stock: Still a Juicy Investment in 2023 and Beyond?

Trade & Triumph by VSTAR

Episode notes

Apple has performed well lately with its stock up 25% in the past year, thanks to strong sales of iPhones, Macs, iPads, and services like the App Store. However, growth is slowing, especially in China. Analysts are bullish on Apple in 2023, predicting 13% stock growth and continued 'Strong Buy' ratings, as new iPhones and Macs with the M3 chip launch. While iPhone sales could stagnate due to market saturation, Apple is poised for major growth through 2025 and beyond, with innovations like foldable iPhones and an Apple Car, plus a big bet on sustainability as consumers embrace green products. Though Apple faces challenges, its consistent innovation and entry into new markets should drive over 150% stock growth by 2030.

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