John Hale - Business Strategic Mindset

Townsville ChamberCast by The Townsville Chamber of Commerce

Episode notes

Too many business owners run into trouble because they don't do strategy well or do strategy at all. John Hale will unpack the six steps needed to create a strategic mindset. He will identify the most challenging issues and opportunities businesses face in 2023, and help us build reliable future perspectives, allocate scarce resources intelligently and lead strategy successfully. John will also reveal how a strategic mindset can be used to deal with many common mental health issues.What will you take away ...- Appreciate the strengths and limitations of the human brain- Gain confidence by applying the six-step Strategic Mindset Process- Learn the six mega-trends that are altering businesses forever- Understand the six radical uncertainties in 2023 that need to be hedged- Reduce the stressors that lead to or exacerbate mental health issues.


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