Topa TalkExplicit

by Stephanie James + Cody Creighton

Hello, Stephanie and Cody here! The goal of this podcast is to have fun, meet amazing people, and inspire our listeners. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • S04 E23 - S4E23 | Frozen Grapes of Wrath

    S04 E23 - S4E23 | Frozen Grapes of WrathExplicit

    We all generally fear similar things in this life, yet we each have individual phobias. Stephanie and Cody discuss their own irrational fears and determine which common phobias they would consider irrational as well. Clowns and ne...

  • S04 E22 - S4E22 | Shading & Abetting

    S04 E22 - S4E22 | Shading & AbettingExplicit

    Cody recaps his annual Catalina vacation that involves terror, turmoil, being banned from a restaurant and a novelty shirt three sizes too small.Coming back from a different kind of trip, Stephanie shares her new journey into micr...

  • S04 E21 - S4E21 | The Crutchess

    S04 E21 - S4E21 | The CrutchessExplicit

    Stephanie recounts the astounding turnout at Stand Up Ojai’s March for Reproductive Rights where over 400 of the town’s finest - including our hosts - gathered to have their voices heard in a time where action matters most.Afterwa...

  • S04 E20 - S4E20 | Toke & Talk: Beaches at the Bowling Alley - Hold Your Horses

    S04 E20 - S4E20 | Toke & Talk: Beaches at the Bowling Alley - Hold Your HorsesExplicit

    To celebrate season 4 episode 20, the Sespe Creek Collective dispensary provides goodie bags to our hosts which consequently leads to conversations in this episode that are thought provoking, absurd and more irreverent than ever.W...

  • S04 E19 - S4E19 | The DJ from Hell & El Roblar Hotel

    S04 E19 - S4E19 | The DJ from Hell & El Roblar HotelExplicit

    When the Ojai Valley News reports the exterior demolition of The Oaks on Ojai Ave, locals have a lot to say about the new El Roblar Hotel poised to take it’s place and our hosts provide plenty of hot takes.In an attempt to pull mo...