Topa TalkExplicit

by Stephanie James + Cody Creighton

Hello, Stephanie and Cody here! The goal of this podcast is to have fun, meet amazing people, and inspire our listeners. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • S04 E13 - S4E13 | Mechanical Bullshit

    S04 E13 - S4E13 | Mechanical BullshitExplicit

    When Stephanie shares piping hot gossip about a local bar, Cody’s jaw hits the floor and he offers unsolicited advice to the owners, who frankly, don’t like him very much! Coming off of weekend highs and lows, Stephanie discusses ...

  • S04 E12 - S4E12 | (Not having any) Sex and the City

    S04 E12 - S4E12 | (Not having any) Sex and the CityExplicit

    Cody returns from San Francisco as perhaps the only gay man to ever visit the city without having sex, but instead watching the NFL Draft. Stephanie airs her grievances towards novelty signatures and those who travel while both ho...

  • S04 E11 - S4E11 | Depp Perception

    S04 E11 - S4E11 | Depp PerceptionExplicit

    A Goober writes in asking what our hosts think about a homeowner in town hosting Sex Therapy in their backyard - with the request that surrounding neighbors dismantle their tree houses in order to keep their outdoor sexy-time more...

  • S04 E10 - S4E10 | Steph & Cody Stay Out Past Midnight

    S04 E10 - S4E10 | Steph & Cody Stay Out Past MidnightExplicit

    Call them night owls, call them social butterflies: Stephanie & Cody surprise themselves with their recent social tenacity as our hosts emerge from a “shelter in place” era - and you’ll never believe where Stephanie ordered a ...

  • S04 E09 - S4E9 | Screw, Marry, Will

    S04 E09 - S4E9 | Screw, Marry, Will Explicit

    Consider this episode the unofficial Topa Talk Guide to the 805: Stephanie and Cody fall down a rabbit hole of their favorite game, Screw/Marry/Kill.Which pizza in town is getting screwed, married and killed? How about healthy res...