Topa TalkExplicit

by Stephanie James + Cody Creighton

Hello, Stephanie and Cody here! The goal of this podcast is to have fun, meet amazing people, and inspire our listeners. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • S04 E33 - S4E33 | Another Host Bites the Dust

    S04 E33 - S4E33 | Another Host Bites the Dust Explicit

    Perhaps he’s cried wolf before, but we assure you that this isn’t clickbait - Cody quits Topa Talk, wrapping up the season and his time as a co-host next month.Stephanie waxes poetically about the power of Lizzo and stops by a dre...

  • S04 E32 - S4E32 | Scary J. Blige

    S04 E32 - S4E32 | Scary J. BligeExplicit

    (Chorus)Ooh yeah. Mmmm.Mmmmhmmm.(Verse 1)Everybody!Mmmm.Oh.Make it feel alright.Mmmm.Mary’s back!(Chorus)Ooh yeah.Mmmm.Mmmmhmmm.So just dance for me.

  • S04 E31 - S4E31 | Unpractical Magic

    S04 E31 - S4E31 | Unpractical MagicExplicit

    It’s Topa Talk’s final Halloween episode of the year and the vibes have never been spookier as our hosts challenge each other on phobias - plus, listen to play a game where we guess a classic killer based on their Housewives tagli...

  • S04 E30 - S4E30 | The Real Witches of Ojai Valley

    S04 E30 - S4E30 | The Real Witches of Ojai Valley

    Ranking our favorite Witches of Ojai and playing “Halloween Would You Rather”, things get spooky in this episode as our hosts are challenged with grizzly ultimatums such as - Who gives out better candy for Trick or Treating? Betsy...

  • S04 E29 - S4E29 | Compare & Despair

    S04 E29 - S4E29 | Compare & DespairExplicit

    It’s week two of Topa Talk’s Halloween Month and Stephanie is the ghost host doing the absolute most offering FOUR sinister games for you and Cody to play.The duo debates the difference between inspiration vs downright copycatting...