Topanga MoonExplicit

by Ana Alic

Sacred rituals and a cosmic community to enchant your mystical life. With soulful conversations by the fire and under the desert stars. Monthly Full Moon and New Moon meditations for raising your vibes and connecting to the lunar phases!

Podcast episodes

  • New Moon in Taurus Meditation

    New Moon in Taurus Meditation

    Welcome to the new moon in taurus meditation, taurus is rooted in the earth and brings forth paths to abundance and this is through foundations. For todays meditation we will be discovering the foundations and paths that will allow us to be supported in an abundant way, using the earth's abundance as an example. Discover your desires that will allow you to create the foundation of ease and flow of abundance and rooted in the earthly golden bounty all around. We will be traveling to a farm property in upstate New York to connect with the land at a picnic in the spring garden.

  • Full Pink Moon in Scorpio Meditation

    Full Pink Moon in Scorpio Meditation

    Welcome to the full pink moon in scorpio meditation. Scorpio is an intuitive and instinctive sign that dives into the emotions in order to create action. We can use this as a reminder to check in with our instincts and our emotional landscape to then decipher our desires and take action. This pink moon will feel gentle compared to all the cosmic commotion of the past two weeks, use this lovely pink moon to connect to your spirituality, we use moons as markers in time to remind us of the magic around us. For this pink moon meditation we will be travelling to a lovely beach bungalow in palm beach Florida. @topanga_moon happy full moon!

  • New Moon in Aries Meditation

    New Moon in Aries Meditation

    The new moon in Aries meditation is a little late to the podcast but this week has been WILD since the solar eclipse. Now that the excitement and energy has calmed a bit it is time to set some powerful intentions with this new meditation. Get ready for fruitful new beginnings with this new moon in aries. Welcome to the new moon in aries meditation, for the fiery aries and the major solar eclipse moment this is the time for upgrades, renewal, fresh starts and major life events to unfold. For this monumental week and spring energy we will be traveling to a whimsical spring cottage in a field of blooming wildflowers. Get ready to set intentions and experience new energy and new ways to your desires. @topanga_moon @anaalic

  • Ep. 104 Planning a wedding in 4 months!

    Ep. 104 Planning a wedding in 4 months!

    Happy Spring! I wanted to do a fun solo episode on how I am planning my wedding in just 4 months. Since I have been totally immersed in the planning process and in a daze of all things wedding, I thought it would be fun to share my process and also the tips and tricks I have learned - to inspire others that you may not need that long to plan your dream wedding after all! In this episode I chat about the significance of the day we chose and how it perfectly aligned for us without even knowing at first, the meaning behind the June full moon and it's connection to weddings, my non-negotiable when it comes to quick wedding planning, the aesthetic and perfect location for the wedding, the dress finding process, elements of a wedding that aren't as essential, why a wedding stylist is crucial, my design tricks from years being in the industry and so much more! I hope you enjoy this chat and I will be sure to give more updates closer to the date...which is soon hehe The next full moon meditation will be available on March 24th. xoxo Ana @topanga_moon

  • New Moon in Pisces Meditation

    New Moon in Pisces Meditation

    Welcome to the new moon in pisces meditation. Pisces' new moon is all about dreamy, imaginative, mysterious beauty. This is the dream moon as pisces rules our inner dreamland. For this super moon and the last new moon before we enter into the spring equinox we are going big on our desires, using our imagination to cultivate the dreams we have and really feel into them. Where attention goes, energy flows, when we decide on our dreams we can take action through our specific attention. Let's connect to our wildest dreams in this meditation by traveling to a gorgeous estate in the south of France - Marie Antoinette style - opulence, dreamy garden days in a french chateau. @topanga_moon