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by Ana Alic

Sacred rituals and a cosmic community to enchant your mystical life. With soulful conversations by the fire and under the desert stars. Monthly Full Moon and New Moon meditations for raising your vibes and connecting to the lunar phases!

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  • Ep. 100 Estefania Lopez, The Honey Method and yoga for embracing the chaos

    Ep. 100 Estefania Lopez, The Honey Method and yoga for embracing the chaos

    What do you think of when you hear the word honey? For yoga teacher Estefania, honey represents the sweetness and stickiness in life, the duality that is embraced and what represents The Honey Method, her signature yoga class experience. I am thrilled to have Estefania Lopez on today's podcast episode to share all about her honey method for episode 100! Her wisdom and love for life on and off the mat weaves throughout the interview as we dive into her unconventional journey to discovering yoga, her approach to surrender and using movement to digest life's sticky moments, letting go of a life expected of you to embrace one your soul craves and so much more!In this beautiful conversation we discuss:The duality of living and growing up in Germany but being from Spain. What it’s like being an immigrant. Not being able to express herself in kindergarten because she spoke Spanish.Not feeling home in Germany but embracing and creating her home.The duality of where do I belong? Which was a struggle she had for so many years, and being someone who loved so many things.How yoga found her in an unexpected way. She knew she would wait several years to do the teacher training, because she knew it would change her life.She was a Sub-Saharan African specialist, doing her PhD on the topic of Mozambique.Expressing herself through movement.Talking about how we approach the idea of surrender. How she wasn’t in a rush to become a yoga teacher.Letting go of the ego desire to prove yourself in order to follow your path.How she created her honey method: the sweet and stickiness.Handling and surrendering to the stickiness of life.Repetition as the key to the honey method, you are feeling the stickiness everyday until you reach the sweet part - embracing yourself in this exact moment.Embracing the chaos. Having so many interests, on the yoga mat she is at peace but outside of the mat there is wildness - chaotic in a positive way.The way you move as a picture of your emotions in that moment, a way of getting out of stickiness. Movement is medicine and digesting circumstances to create openness.Her ritual of creating a video of the year.Her upcoming retreats and connection to Ibiza.You can connect with Estefania and check our her upcoming retreats and classes here: out more about the upcoming Topanga Moon Membership here:

  • Full Moon in Gemini Meditation

    Full Moon in Gemini Meditation

    Sign up to the waitlist to be the first to know about the Topanga Moon membership! And the release of holiday candles. www.topangamoon.comWelcome to the full moon in gemini meditation. For this magnetic full moon energy in the chatty sign of gemini we will be traveling to a stone farm house near the historic town of Almonte, Ontario, to host a fall soiree in the glass shed on the property. Whimsical, beautiful and full of wonder to prepare for the final month of the year and celebrate the final desires created.

  • New Moon in Scorpio Meditation

    New Moon in Scorpio Meditation

    Sign up to be notified for the launch of the membership : to the new moon in scorpio meditation. Scorpio is resilient and transformative, it goes into the depths to come out anew and awaken a new path to unfold. This is a beautiful time to connect to your inner direction and unlock a new path forward to align with a soul calling that will end the year on a clear and prosperous path. We will be setting intentions in a gorgeous inspiring beach bungalow on a private island in the Bahamas, using travel and connection to water to begin new paths.@topanga_moon

  • Full Moon in Taurus Meditation

    Full Moon in Taurus Meditation

    Welcome to the full moon in Taurus meditation. On this powerful solar eclipse we are Anchoring in the light and being a beacon for love and transformation. Using this time to emerge from the lunar eclipse anew, with more peace in your heart and sending out prayers for illumination and peace for all - envisioning a new earth. We will be travelling to a historic home from the 1700s on the beach in Massachusetts, bringing new to the old and alchemizing the energy of the past. What new energy wants to emerge, we are ending a 2 year cycle - this is a powerful moment for change.Sign up here to be the first to know about the launch of the meditation membership! Full Moon

  • Bonus Episode: A look at Practical Magic, 25 year anniversary of the fall favourite film

    Bonus Episode: A look at Practical Magic, 25 year anniversary of the fall favourite film

    Let's dive into all this Practical Magic the book and the film for this fall season. It is my comfort watch movie during this season and I love looking at the behind the scenes facts about the film. This film has a lasting legacy and so magical to watch. In this bonus episode I chat about the filmmaking, the story, the message, the design and all of the making of secrets of the film. Enjoy this cozy listen before the full moon!@topanga_moon