Tongue & Chic

by Elana and Dina Solomon

We are sisters, stylists, and pop culture vultures in couture. This podcast is a light hearted segment that's a little bit sweet and a lot a bit sassy. The show will focus on pop culture, fashion and most importantly, breaking down (predominantly Bravo) reality TV shows. (Real Housewives franchises, Vanderpump Rules, Shahs of Sunset, Below Deck Franchises, Summer House etc). 

Podcast episodes

  • E56 - A Deep Dive of Shallow Things

    E56 - A Deep Dive of Shallow Things Explicit

    We are so beyond excited to have Ashley and Claire, from our favourite podcast Celebrity Memoir Book Club, here to discuss all things celebrities! From getting to know these two hilarious and brilliant ladies to thought provoking ...

  • E55 - Over the Moon

    E55 - Over the Moon

    A deep dive of all things bravo & all things Tiffany Moon with our sunshine from Dallas Tiffany Moon!

  • E54 - The Alleged Ballad of Mrs. Erika Jayne

    E54 - The Alleged Ballad of Mrs. Erika Jayne

    Always Late to the party (a la Robyn), but we are here and ready to make our voices known! Join us as we discuss the insane four part reunion of RHOBH. We have our dear friend, the brilliant & beautiful Taria from What Else is Goi...

  • E53 - Bravooomg, We are back!!!

    E53 - Bravooomg, We are back!!!Explicit

    We are back after a loooooong summer break, we apologize for forgetting to inform but we have missed you so! We may always be a little late to the party ( we hope fashionably so) but we always have so many comments to share. We ar...

  • E52 - Who is Hunky Dory?

    E52 - Who is Hunky Dory?Explicit

    We are so thrilled and honored to have the brilliant & ever so witty editor, copywriter, & reporter Sophie Ross on the pod today!Join us as we discuss all Bravo & Pop Culture Hot Topics! From Potomac (Is Wendy going down the secon...