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My Story of Injury, Ransom and Recovery TOC Talks: Ep. 30 Part 2

TOC Talks by The Oxford Center

Episode notes
In Episode 30 of Tok Talks, titled "My Story of Injury, Ransom, and Recovery," our host, Andrew Kistner, delves into the remarkable journey of Caitlin McCarthy. Caitlin is a loyal patient of the extraordinary Alicia Hisey DPT, Director of Clinical Services at The Oxford Center. In part 1 of this gripping episode, Caitlin courageously opens up about how her life took an unexpected turn while in Africa. Her heartbreaking experience of injury, followed by a harrowing ordeal involving ransom, ultimately led her to discover an awe-inspiring path to recovery. Join us as we unravel Caitlin's extraordinary story of resilience, strength, and unwavering determination on her road to healing and hope. Call 248-486-3636 to book your appointment today! Want to watch all of our episodes? Check out our YouTube Playlist! Want to stay connected and up to date on wha ...   ...  Read more
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