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Planning for the worst: TOC Talks Ep. 18 Part 1

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Episode notes
In this special two-part episode of TOC Talks, Andrew Kistner is joined by Ashley Waddell Tingstad, the Founder & Principal of Treetown Law. Ashley is an estate planning attorney who is able to help anyone plan out their estate, however she has a particular interest in estate planning for families with special needs children. In part one of this episode she shares her deeply personal connection to estate planning and why she chose to enter that field. Ashely shares her journey with her father's hospice and passing, her uncle's passing, and the birth of her son Viggo, who ultimately passed away from a very rare genetic condition. Ashley saw firsthand all of the difficulties that come with these experiences, the financial burden, and the planning that needs to happen. Tune in to hear her story and stay tuned for episode two, where they go in depth ...   ...  Read more
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