The Millennial Somm Podcast

by Isis M Daniel

Tune in every week as Isis "The Millennial Somm" Daniel discusses everything wine; from food & wine pairings, wine education, personal wine story times and more. As a certified Level III w/ Merit WSET Sommelier, Isis Daniel is cultivating the next generation of wine lovers via education, entertainment and authenticity. The TMS Community is a safe space to learn and explore wine while having a great time. Turn your stereo up and ...   ...  Read more

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  • Season 2

  • Wine & Culture

    Wine & Culture

    In this episode of The Millennial Somm Podcast, host Isis Daniel sits down with winemaker Gilles Martin from Sparking Pointe. They delve into the concept of wine culture and how it differs between France and America. Martin shares his personal experiences of adapting to American wine culture after moving from France. The conversation takes a deep dive into the méthode champenoise, a traditional winemaking process used to create sparkling wines. Martin explains the intricate steps involved in this method and sheds light on the artistry behind it. The episode also touches on the recent winemaker's protest in southern France, as Martin provides his unique perspective on the matter. Listeners gain insight into the challenges faced by winemakers and the importance of supporting the industry. As a special treat for listeners, there is a 15% discount offer on Sparking Pointe wines. By using the code "ENTHUSIAST" on, you can save on your purchase of 4 bottles or more. With the holiday season approaching, it's the perfect opportunity to stock up on these exquisite wines. To enhance the wine experience, Isis Daniel recommends pairing the Sparking Pointe 2017 Cuvée Cynthia with her curated music playlist called 'Motions. This playlist is designed to be enjoyed from start to finish, with no skips. Discover the magic of this special pairing and let Isis know your thoughts. Tune in to The Millennial Somm Podcast to explore the world of wine culture, learn about the méthode champenoise, and gain valuable insights from winemaker Gilles Martin. Don't miss out on this captivating episode filled with knowledge, discounts, and a delightful wine and music pairing. Donate to Isis' wine education and Reimagining Wine Culture: Case Study

  • Wine & Luxury


    Wine & Luxury


    Join me on The Millennial Somm Podcast as I sit down with the fabulous Davon D. E. Hatchett, also known as "The Bubbleista" (@thebubbleista @culturalcapitallaw), for an incredible conversation on "Wine & Luxury." Davon is a brand strategist, trademarks and business attorney, and a champagne and sparkling wine educator. She's also a luxury wine, food, and travel freelance writer, digital creator, and on-camera personality. Her lifestyle website and blog,, is a treasure trove of wine musings, food and wine pairings, unique cocktails, travel tips, and aspirational inspiration for living an effervescent lifestyle. In this episode, we dive into Davon's recent trip to Italy and her experiences living in luxury with dignity and without apology. She shares valuable insights on treating yourself when struggling with buyers guilt and the importance of therapy. We also explore the world of Trademark & Intellectual Property Law and how it relates to the wine industry. Throughout our conversation, Davon drops some incredible quotes that will leave you feeling inspired:🌟 "The only mistake you can make is if you give up."🌟 "Black women have always deserved luxury."🌟 "I won't apologize for having a natural affinity for things that have quality."🌟 "If people who listen to this don't hear or remember anything else about trademarks, remember that trademarks are an asset. It is something that you can sell, that you can license, that you can generate revenue from it." Music & Wine Paring & Sommariva Superiore DOCG ProseccoJoin Donate towards my wine education and Reimagining Young Wine Culture: Case Study

  • Wine & Cork


    Wine & Cork


    In this episode of The Millennial Somm Podcast, join me as I delve into the fascinating world of wine culture and its intersection with hip hop. I share my personal experience and insights from my undergoing Reimaging Young Wine Culture: Case Study (click here to learn more and how to support) , the Wine & Hip Hop Event in Burgundy, France. To shed light on the importance of sustainable practices in the wine industry, I have the pleasure of interviewing Carlos de Jesus, a representative from Amorim Cork. We discuss the role of cork in preserving the quality and flavor of wines, as well as the company's commitment to environmental responsibility. Furthermore, I tackle a thought-provoking question that often arises in the wine education realm: should instructors strictly stick to the facts or is it valuable for them to share their opinions? Join me as I explore the nuances of this touchy subject and provide my own perspective.Whether you're a wine enthusiast, a hip hop lover, or simply curious about the evolving wine culture, this episode offers a unique blend of insights and discussions that will leave you pondering the future of the industry. Tune in to The Millennial Somm Podcast for an engaging and thought-provoking conversation. Music and Wine Pairing Autumn Leaf Catalogue Playlist & Skin Contact Wines

  • Wine, Food & Love

    Wine, Food & Love

    Welcome to Season Two of The Millennial Somm Podcast! Y'all.. I moved to Paris, France. I know, it's crazy. In this episode, I interview Anina Belle Giannini of @lechefswife. We discuss our experiences moving to France, falling in love, and pursuing our dreams in the food and wine industry. Anina Belle shares her journey from moving to France, finding love and what lead her to running a successful food blog. We love to talk to women who are BOSSES, so be sure to visit the Four Seasons in Washington DC to experience how she is impacting the luxury hospitality world. We also discuss the challenges and rewards of living in a new country. Additionally, I introduce a new segment - music and wine pairing (I'll figure out a sexier name... haha!) This episode is a feature for my birthday... since this episode is being released on my 29th born-day. This playlist called A Black Opera is paired with a Marie Inès Romelle's champagne Marie Césaire. Stay tuned for more adventures from Paris, interviews, and music and wine pairings. Bon appétit! Additional Links: Support the Reimagining Young Wine Culture Case StudyLe Chef's Wife BlogLe Chef's Wife Linktree

  • Check Your Source: Welcome Back!!


    Check Your Source: Welcome Back!!


    As the classic theme song from "Welcome back, Kotter" goes, "Welcome back, welcome back, WELCOME BACK!"We are kicking off Season 2 with a not-so-gentle reminder to CHECK YO' SOURCE! We've gotten to a place within wine, social media and our everyday lives where we believe and repeat what we hear, see, and read without challenge. If there us anything I've learned in my 28 years of living, is that MOST people don't know what they are talking about... so it is my responsibility to do my due diligence in ALL understanding. Can we talk?