The Millennial Somm Podcast

by Isis M Daniel

Tune in every week as Isis "The Millennial Somm" Daniel discusses everything wine; from food & wine pairings, wine education, personal wine story times and more. As a certified Level III w/ Merit WSET Sommelier, Isis Daniel is cultivating the next generation of wine lovers via education, entertainment and authenticity. The TMS Community is a safe space to learn and explore wine while having a great time. Turn your stereo up and ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Check Your Source: Welcome Back!!

    Check Your Source: Welcome Back!!

    As the classic theme song from "Welcome back, Kotter" goes, "Welcome back, welcome back, WELCOME BACK!"We are kicking off Season 2 with a not-so-gentle reminder to CHECK YO' SOURCE! We've gotten to a place within wine, social media and our everyday lives where we believe and repeat what we hear, see, and read without challenge. If there us anything I've learned in my 28 years of living, is that MOST people don't know what they are talking about... so it is my responsibility to do my due diligence in ALL understanding. Can we talk?

  • Season 1

  • WTH is CWC?

    WTH is CWC?

    Have you ever heard of the Congressional Wine Caucus? Welp... I'll be honest, I hadn't before this episode. Let's discuss who they are and why you should know!Recourses:Thompson, Newhouse Reconstitute Congressional Wine Caucus: ArticleCongressional Wine Caucus Representative MembersFree The GrapesUs Wine Trade Alliance

  • Is South African Wine Black Wine?

    Is South African Wine Black Wine?

    Inquiring minds want to know? As we enter Black History Month, I challenge wine retail stores to include African-American wines... Let's go beyond South Africa. Can we talk?

  • Palate|Preference|Person


    Today we are getting personal. After a rough week, I am sharing my lessons on Community, Love and Wine. We are all connected. I hope my store encourages someone out there to know they are see and valued... just as much as their wine preference is represented. If you or someone you know is struggling with loneliness or depression, please seek help. You are not alone and I send my love to you. Cheers!

  • Bear With Me: Non-Alcoholic Wine

    Bear With Me: Non-Alcoholic Wine

    On this episode we are kick starting 2023 with our Topical Segment: Temperature Check. After asking my followers, "What are your thoughts on Non-Alcoholic Wine," I realized how important it is to challenge our thoughts on the subject of Non-ABV wines. In an industry that claims to cater for all palates, community and preferences, we seems to take a negative or uneducated approach to non-alcoholic wines. Tune in to learn more on this subject.