Episode #15 - TMI on Moving from a Teaching to a Research School: Interview with Melissa Cardon

TMI Entrepreneurship (This Month in Entrepreneurship) by Ashley Roccapriore

Episode notes


This season is a bit different than usual (thanks to AOM, job market, beginning of the year excitement), so we're going Netflix style! Listen to the full batch of Season 5 at once, and we'll be back to monthly programing for Season 6 in December.

This season is all about teaching! In our last episode of season 5, Ashley and Joshua interview Melissa Cardon. Melissa tells us more about her career so far, how she chose to move to a teaching school and back to a research school, being research productive while teaching a 3-3 class load, and advice for students on how to choose what's best for their career. You can reach Melissa at mcardon@utk.edu.


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