The MICKS Collective Podcast

by Michaela Cook

THE MICKS COLLECTIVE Podcast is hosted by Australian recording artist and social media personality, Michaela Cook. Joined by her friends, family and unexpected *famous* guests, Michaela delivers light-hearted, fun, and honest insights into the entertainment industry, her personal life, and the latest in pop-culture.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Authenticity is Major-Key

    Authenticity is Major-Key

    Apologies in advance for the sniffles good is winter *cries in Australian* 🇦🇺 Today we unpack a quote by HGW queen, Morgan Riddle (aka @moorrgs) and I explain my own challenges of inconsistency in the face of negative self-talk/self-doubt. It happens to everyone and you 👏🏻 are 👏🏻 not 👏🏻 alone 👏🏻👏🏻. I also fill you in on the events I've been attending and my hectic birthday week (I just want to know what happened 9-ish months ago!!?!) Thank you for listening and I hope you remember you are made of magic, and you are not alone!! We will figure this wild world out together team. Stay safe and enjoy!! 💕

  • VIP Perks ft. Dave "Arrows" Britto

    VIP Perks ft. Dave "Arrows" Britto

    Today’s special guest is an iconic music journalist for the Rolling Stone India Magazine and a very well-respected musician-songwriter. He has probably interviewed 90% of your recently played songs with exclusively interviewing the likes of Buddy Guy, the Foo Fighters, and queen Katy Perry to name a very few. Listen to Dave "Arrows" Britto on The Micks Collective Podcast this week and you'll find out how to be a music journalist, VIP perks of the job, exclusive BTS on the brand new "Arrows" single, "Hello Cheater", and why I'm now obsessed with the premier league (not why you'd think)...I'm looking at you Mourinho. Enjoy team!! Stay safe 💕

  • Own Your Awesome - Australian Fashion Week (Part 1)

    Own Your Awesome - Australian Fashion Week (Part 1)

    Honey, I'm home!! I've just touched back down in Brisbane after attending Afterpay Australian Fashion Week as an official industry guest/delegate...I KNOW, I'M STILL NOT OVER IT MYSELF! I recount my experience watching the ever beautiful Eleanor Pendleton (CEO/Founder Gritty Pretty) host a conversation with my fave skincare formulator Terri Vinson (CEO/Founder Synergie Skin), and express my pride for being an Australian creative after seeing so much representation and diversity across the week. Welcome back events in Australia!! I hope you enjoy and as always, stay safe, and spread kindness wherever you go 💕 xx

  • Magic ft. Vatsal Chevli

    Magic ft. Vatsal Chevli

    Team, we have our first Micks Collective guest!! Please welcome Vatsal Chevli who shares an insight into working with moi and his process about creating our single, Rockstar, all the way from Mumbai India. I hope you enjoy Vatsal's insight, as well as my rogue chat about not being stuck in the "comparison" trap. Also if anyone has any tips for Fashion Week...please slide into my DMs (srs). Stay safe, I love you team xxx

  • Road to Rockstar

    Road to Rockstar

    Welcome back to The Micks Collective Podcast! I missed you Team - its been a looooong two weeks without you but I finally have my voice back enough to record this episode. I hope you enjoy a small insight into the making of my new single, Rockstar! Listen to Rockstar wherever you stream your music 💕