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  • Season 3

  • Astrology & The Teleserye of Your Life

    Astrology & The Teleserye of Your Life

    We are very lucky to have with us, Astrologer to the cool Titos and Titas of the Philippines, Bunny Caminade! It seems everybody who is serious about growth and gaining self-awareness has already gone to Bunny, or is due for a reading. It comes as no surprise that he is sought after, because his take on astrology is so in depth, and mindfully prepared, it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Not to mention, his expertise in various modalities has given his clients a safe space to be seen, heard and understood. Apart from being an Intuitive Astrologer, Bunny is a: * Certified Master of the Millenium Method * Certified Gendai Reiki Ho Master * Certified Level 2 Reader of The Akashic Records * Certified Graduate of the Carl Jung Circle Center’s Certification Program * Certified Graduate of Depth Institute of Asia’s Kayamanan Course and a * Certified Life Coach Does your life feel like a teleserye? How do we discover our unconscious patterns so we can rewrite our script? Listen to this episode to find out! ✨

  • The Art of Letting Go

    The Art of Letting Go

    Let’s talk about the art of letting go, the concept of sayang, and how we can attract the good and thrive in an imperfect life when we relax our hold on what’s familiar. When Tin came across Cherie Altea’s post on Facebook about how sayang is a term of endearment in Singapore, but refers to wastefulness in the Philippines, it got us thinking about life and how our world view shapes our lives. In her post, Cherie talks about her mentor who taught her that “holding on too tightly to stuff and withholding things creates stagnant energy in one’s life, how to never withhold the good from others, be it a kind word, your time or settling payment for a debt. And to give must be without fear of having less, and without expecting anything in return other than the intention to share the good.” Cherie is an artist who was based in Singapore for 12 years and relocated to Manila in November 2022. As an independent artist who has had no gallery representation throughout her career, her vibrant maximalist artworks have found forever homes across the globe in places like New York, Pittsburgh, Arizona, Texas, Singapore, Koh Samui, Manila, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Vancouver, Atherton, Sydney, Bath, and Bahrain. She weathered her cancer journey and the death of her marriage, and soldiered through her creative process despite the uncertainties and curve balls thrown her way. Thanks to the power of social media and the internet, strangers from all over have taken a chance on her work and continue to empower her career one painting at a time. That said, she is a beacon of hope for women who are looking to reclaim and rebuild their lives through the health and relationship challenges that we are faced with and we believe, built to overcome. ✨

  • Recognizing Childhood and Teen Depression

    Recognizing Childhood and Teen Depression

    It’s 2024 and if there’s one thing both astrologers and business leaders agree on, it’s that 2024 is going to be a pivotal year. Astrologer or finance guy, they collectively seem to agree the shifts will be subtle but the impact will forever change the way things are done - and to quote visionary investor Ray Dalio, these changes will be felt in markets, economies, domestic and world order, geopolitical and economic issues, the handling of the climate, and technology issues. If that sounds intimidating, it is talaga! What do these shifts mean for us and our children who will be riding the crest of these changes? Change is difficult. Will our children be mentally and emotionally ready for a new world and a new way of doing things? Especially these days when the talk among the Titas are of kids going through anxiety and depression, which has become more common than it should. Inspired by our insightful chat with Lakan, Mitch, Sasha and Lia from our last episode on Family & Work Life Balance (give it a listen if you still haven’t!), we’ve invited Sasha to join us once again to share with us how she is embracing the ever-changing tides with a healthy and balanced outlook on life, which began with working on herself, and in the process, overcoming depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation.  Joining Sasha is her mentor, Rega Stellar Pe, a world class Intuitive Forecaster, Spiritual Mentor, and Senior Healer. She serves in leadership roles within three international organizations: BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC), Wisdom Institute for Leadership and Global Advancement (WILGA), and the World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID). Within WIID, she leads the DABSEM line, producing unparalleled energy healing solutions for depression, anxiety, burnout, and sleep disorders. Are you ready to make sense of this depression phenomenon, Titas?  Game, let’s start!

  • Family & Work Life Balance

    Family & Work Life Balance

    It’s the holidays and life can be cray! We don’t know about you, but among our Tita friends, there will always be someone who will say that as we’ve aged, they have developed a sense of compassion for The Grinch and Mr. Scrooge. Is it wisdom or is it simply waking up from the commercial conditioning that Christmas has wrought upon us? After all, when all the gifts have been given and opened and the last drop of drink has been consumed, did these things really bring us joy? Isn’t the holidays more than just merriment? Isn’t it about going back to the true spirit of the season? Celebrating it with loved ones and being grateful for being together? The true gift, not just this season but all throughout our lives, is a loving family that provides us with a healthy support system. Is this achievable given these busy times? Let’s have a chat with today’s guests, the Bautista Family, headed by Lakan and Mitch with their daughters Sasha and Lia, and discover the practical tools and strategies Lakan and Mitch have embraced to juggle diverse pursuits and achieve balance. Learn how they foster a supportive and fulfilling environment for their daughters while simultaneously maximizing their own potential. Let’s gain insights from their journey and build a life that resonates and inspires us. Are you ready to unlock your own formula for balance? Join us on this enriching journey together!

  • Chika with Mafalda

    Chika with Mafalda

    We always ask our listeners to suggest topics and “urgency culture” came about. That got us thinking, “What is the right level of urgency and how do we protect ourselves against the demands of urgency culture?” Because older Titas like us have no sense of urgency as you can see by our intermittent episodes, LOL, we thought of interviewing somebody young with the right mix of being responsible and fun! So we asked junior matrona, Paolo Lorenzana of @Mafalda.Makes, to join us today to weigh in on today’s topic, as well as get to know the real Mafalda.For those in the know, Mafalda.Makes on Instagram and Substack is the place to learn new noodle recipes, discover interesting places to go here and abroad, as well as watch entertaining food reviews sprinkled with commentary referencing hilarious pop culture. The content is as humorous and entertaining as it is knowledgeable and well-written. This comes as no surprise given that Paolo knows food and has been chronicling culture and lifestyle for over a decade. He is currently the editor of CNN Life, former Creative Director at Wildflour Cafe & Bakery, Inc., holds a Masters degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School in Journalism and has over 15 years of publishing experience. So sit back, relax and let’s kick it, Tita Style!