Things I Gotta Say

by Jordan & Doyle

We're Jordan and Doyle and we've got things to say! This is the Things I Gotta Say Podcast where we get those things off our chests!

Podcast episodes

  • #26 - Universities vs. Alternatives

    #26 - Universities vs. Alternatives

    We're back after a break! In this episode, we talk about universities and their alternatives and how the universities have somewhat lost their way. Recorded on November 11, 2021

  • #25 - Education

    #25 - Education

    We delve into the topic of education in this episode.

  • #24 - Sidebar

    #24 - Sidebar

    We have a meta-conversation that meanders a bit in this episode.

  • #23 - The GameStop and r/wallstreetbets Situation

    #23 - The GameStop and r/wallstreetbets Situation

    We're finally back to discuss the recent events around the stock market and the r/wallstreetbets subreddit.

  • #22 - Meaning

    #22 - Meaning

    In today's episode, we discuss the concept of Meaning and how it works into everyone's lives.