the Tightly Coupled Book Club

by Aji & Mina Slater

Ever thought to yourself, "I really should read this documentation from cover to cover"?

So did we.

Starting with the Ruby on Rails Guides, we read the docs all the way through and discuss what we've learned.

Read along with us!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Action View Overview

    Action View Overview

    For this week's episode, Aji & Mina read Action View Overview and discuss templating systems, the difference between Action and Active, and internationalization as a bonus view template feature.Reading for this episode: Action View Overview's Railsconf 2023 Keynote: and the Femininity of CSS: My React Brain at RailsConf 2023:’s Standardize Rails at Railsconf 2023: for episode 13: Layouts and Rendering in Rails

  • Active Model Basics

    Active Model Basics

    For this week's episode, Aji and Guest Host Sally Hall discussed Active model, form objects and presenters, APIs as database, and Rails inflectors and translation.Reading for this episode: Active Model Basics

  • Active Record Query Interface

    Active Record Query Interface

    Aji & guest host Mercedes Bernard talk ORMs & SQL, left outer joins & includes, and strict & eager loading.Reading for this episode: Active Record Query InterfaceThe Bike Shed episode 358: The Class MethodReading for next episode: Active Model BasicsFind Mercedes online at, on mastodon:, or LinkedIn

  • Active Record Associations

    Active Record Associations

    Aji welcomes guest host and fellow thoughtbotter Dimiter Petrov. Their conversation covers association scope, the thoughtful layout of this section of the guides, polymorphic associations, and association extensions.Reading for this episode: Active Record AssociationsHelvetic Ruby: Ruby conference in Bern, Switzerland, November 24, 2023Reading for next episode: Active Record Query Interface

  • Active Record Callbacks

    Active Record Callbacks

    For this week's episode, Aji welcomes our very first Guest Host, Sasha Grodzins! Aji & Sasha read about Active Record Callbacks and discuss pitfalls of callbacks, how they are similar to validations, and comments and commit messages as documentation.Reading for this episode: Active Record Callbacks5 Rails Callbacks Best Practices Used at GustoRuby Science's chapter on callbacksActive Record callbacks source codeAji at RailsConf 2019: Commit Messages to the rescue!Reading for episode 9: Active Record Associations