Exploring ChatGPT. Working with kids and Lego. Creating a successful podcast.

The Unconventionall Podcast by Andy Barden

Episode notes

In episode 4 I talk about exploring ChatGPT and what it means for writers and creators of social media content. I also show you a small snippet of what it's like working with children and an office full of Lego. And then I discuss my attempts (struggles) at launching a successful podcast as a one-man business trying to do it all.

00:00 Exploring ChatGPT and what it means for content creators and copywriters. 06:02 Working with kids when you have an office full of Lego.

06:33 Running a successful podcast and the struggles for consistency.

09:07 Taking time out during a busy schedule to do some much-needed DIY and the importance of setting time boundaries as a business owner.

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