Episode 5: Community Media

The Zapatistas Podcast - Lessons and Stories from Chiapas by the Galway Feminist Collective and Promedios Mexico

Episode notes

In this episode, Nancy Serano speaks with Ana Hernandez and Mario Najera from Promedios Mexico/Promedios Community Media. Promedios Mexico is a community media collective that has worked for over two decades with the Zapatistas, the Mexican revolutionary indigenous movement that governs many autonomous zones in Chiapas, Mexico. The Zapatistas' produce their own independent media within their own communities and in their own languages. By using community media, they document human rights violations, share ancestral knowledge, and promote modern technologies and practices. Their messaging goes beyond traditional political framings of struggles and instead includes creative and playful elements such as indigenous mythology and story-telling. This episode tells the story of how independent media became a powerful tool of resistance, independence, lea ... 

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