Business Success: The Caleb ad Joshua Mindset: Journey to Success

The Power of Words: The Winners Mentality by Kevin Treasure

Episode notes

Today I will be talking about excerpts from my new book, The Joshua and Caleb Mindset: Journey to Success: Business Lessons from the Israelites.

“The Joshua & Caleb Mindset: Journey to Success, Business lesson from the Israelites" is the ultimate guide to transforming your mind set and achieving success in your business, company or organization. In this book, author, Kevin Treasure, shares his insights and strategies for developing the mentality of a winner and overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way of your success in your business.

Drawing on the poignant story of Israelites plight from slavery to the Promised Land, Treasure shows you how to cultivate a positive and resilient mind-set, avoid the pitfalls of failure, set powerful goals, and develop the habits and routines that will help you achieve your objectives in your ... 

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