Why Chiquita Searle champions the full-force feminine power

The Why Between the Lines by Refresh Marketing

Episode notes

Welcome to the Why Between the Lines podcast, where we explore the why behind what people do. Whether it’s a business, a job, or a passion project – we want to hear the story behind the path, and the heart behind the venture.

Earlier this year, we partnered up with Chiquita Searle, the founder of PR agency Chiquita & Co. And since then, she’s been providing us – and our clients – with excellent PR guidance. But that’s not all that she does.

Chiquita is also the founder and designer of Chiquita Eyewear – AND the co-founder of FemmeCon, a community designed to inspire women to step into their full-force feminine power.

In this episode, Chiquita shares about how she built a brand-new agency without any experience. Why she believes women should have more ego. And what to do when we feel like we don’t have all the answers.


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