The Wealth of HealthExplicit

by Taylor Beasley

You know that magical moment after you've gotten over a cold and finally feel like you again and think to yourself... "Man, I forgot how good it feels to be healthy." Imagine waking up everyday with that kind of gratitude for the body that you were given. Our world is full of expectations for what our bodies should and shouldn't look like. In addition to trying to change that narrative, I say let's start a new one. My name  ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Positivity and Productivity with Mayra


    Positivity and Productivity with Mayra


    In these times of COVID, remote interaction, whether it be employment, education, or simply social, is seeming more and more long-term. With that, we are all having to learn how to remain productive and motivated. Positivity can fuel that productivity, and with me this week to talk about how to develop skills and habits to set us up for success is Mayra from the M(a)y Ray of Sunshine Podcast!

  • Your Journey to Food Freedom with Brittany Allison, RD

    Your Journey to Food Freedom with Brittany Allison, RD

    It was a privilege to have Brittany Allison on this week to break down her journey to food freedom and how she has turned her passion for nutrition and health into her profession. Follow her on instagram @thefoodfreedomlife for inspirational content, personal coaching towards your own food freedom, and more!

  • Understanding Uncertainty

    Understanding Uncertainty

    Feeling uncertain, out of control, afraid, stress, angry, frustrated, or all of the above? Yeah, me too. Listen for three major tips and tricks to creating habits to help deal with the plethora of unknowns we are all living with today!

  • College with COVID ft. Laura Bryan


    College with COVID ft. Laura Bryan


    In this episode, I bring on my high school friend Laura Bryan to discuss everything from the Illuminati, saxophones, free coffee, hot plates in bathrooms, college during a global pandemic, and everything in between. Give it a listen and let's put the standard path to upper education to bed!

  • The Great Cake Massacre

    The Great Cake Massacre

    Whether it's crying over a cake gone wrong, yelling at a table for running into your pinky toe, or hit the "still watching" button on Netflix 4 times in a row to put off that essay you're dreading, we all react to stress differently. Listen to break down how we can take time for ourselves in these uncertain times and learn creative new ways to manage stress in a safe and healthy way!