The Unlocking

by Christine Lam

“The Unlocking” is testimonies and authentic conversations around seeing sons + daughters unlocked and awakened to a lifestyle of Revival. To live from an overflow of identity, intimacy and obedience to the Father. For the person of Jesus to be made known in all areas of life. To understand and use the KEYS that He has so freely given us, to UNLOCK our hearts + minds to what the blood of Jesus has already accomplished. To see t ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Learning to hear the Father's Voice

    Learning to hear the Father's Voice

    During this episode of The Unlocking, we explore the lifestyle of “learning to hear” the voice of our Heavenly Father. This issue often creates a lot of doubt and confusion in believers, so what is the truth about hearing God’s voice? The enemy would like to keep us frozen in the lie “that we don’t or can’t hear our Father’s voice”. However, the Holy Spirit wants to unlock any wrong thinking we may have and teach us how to lean in, to learn what His voice sounds like + be confident that as His sons and daughters, we can KNOW our Father’s voice.

  • Identity


    What does the Father say about you? How does HE SEE you? What lens are you seeing yourself through? In this episode I share some of my personal story in the "unlocking + unveiling" of greater understanding of how He sees us as His sons + daughters. We unpack Matthew 5:14-16 + how He is calling us to be the light of the world, a city set on a hill!!

  • The Unveiling

    The Unveiling

    What is God eager to unveil in you? What is all creation yearning to see? Join Christine on this episode of The Unlocking, as she speaks into this, with Romans 8:19 and IICor. 3:13-18 as the backdrop.

  • Invitation Into Intimacy-Podcast

    Invitation Into Intimacy-Podcast

    On this episode I share some of my journey into Intimacy + personal relationship with the Father. From living a life of loving Him to a life of encountering Him!! It’s time for sons + daughters to be UNLOCKED to any belief system that has held them captive + to break free from the chains of religion that keeps them from knowing HIM + walking with Him as a friend. KEY Takeaway: To ENCOUNTER HIM through the finished work of the cross, into this invitation of Intimacy where there is no separation.

  • Taking a walk with Jesus

    Taking a walk with Jesus

    In this episode, I share some portions of my recent trip to Israel and compare what I experienced to what the Lord is inviting us into; to take a walk with Him in our day-to-day lives. This can occur in the really big moments as well as the really small. Finding Him in the very busy and in the quiet. His voice is calling out to you saying, "Come and BE with Me, come and take a walk with Me, I have things I want to reveal to your heart! I want to unlock the very lies that keep you bound, when you my CHILD, are called to be set apart." - God