Journey to 100 w/ Jason Hardrath (film premier)

The Trail Life Podcast by Jeff Stoner

Episode notes
As we close in on episode 100, i am joined by a friend to the Trail Life and King of the FKT, Jason Hardrath.We discuss his upcoming Journey to 100 film premier here in the San Diego area, his excitement to meet local trail runners and rock climbers, and just the overall basis of the film. The film is based on Jason's 99 FKT's and his completion of #100 on the Bulgers 100 list in Washington state. If you are a trail runner local to the San Diego area, I encourage you to check out his story.EVENT TIX LINKFILM PREMIER DATE: APRIL 8THLOCATION: PATAGONIA STORE IN CARDIFF BY THE SEAEVENT TIME: 6PM-9PMTIX COST: $12-$22Beverages will be included with your ticket price by Athletic Brewin ...   ...  Read more
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