The Thinking Knot Podcast

by a. charles & Cap

The Thinking Knot is a podcast developed to help those who are trying to become . . . better . . a little bit better today than yesterday. It is an honest dialogue about the real-life challenges we each encounter as we strive to become the people we want to be, learning to lead with kindness.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Season One Recap

    Season One Recap

    In this episode, Cap goes solo to share his favorite things from the first season of the podcast. Please help the friends decide if they should do a second season of the podcast by going to and filling out a survey. We need your feedback!

  • Made of Stars

    Made of Stars

    In this last full episode of Season One, the friends talk about spirituality, love, and the intersection of science, faith and spirit. Along the way, Charlie discusses the symbols of religion and how friendship and spirituality go hand-in-hand. Stay tuned for the season recap and how you can help shape the next season of the podcast.

  • Well . . . Red

    Well . . . Red

    This episode was recorded several weeks ago, as Cap was coming out of quarantine and so the two friends are recording remotely. In this episode, Charles responds to an article that Cap found on the eleven things your therapist wants you to know. Using the article from Red Magazine as a starting point, Charlie discusses some different approaches that he uses when helping people who are looking to become less stuck.

  • Ten Random Cards - July 2022

    Ten Random Cards - July 2022

    The friends have some good laughs and a few contemplative moments as they discuss material written out on ten random and brightly colored cards. From Uvalde to finding wonder in your 'second life', Charles and Cap cover a variety of topics in this fast-moving episode.

  • HELP!


    In this episode, the friends discuss the feeling of helplessness, including some research as background and five things people can try if they are feeling helpless. Along the way, Charles talks about how to get into a conversation with someone who looks like they need a little help getting unstuck and Cap shares his realization of the most important thing needed to be a good listener.