Morgan DiGiorgio, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing of DirectMail2.0

The Think Factory Podcast by The Think Factory

Episode notes

Explore the intersection of technology and traditional marketing with Morgan DiGiorgio, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing at DirectMail2.0, in this engaging podcast episode. Delve into the fascinating world of direct mail campaigns and discover how DirectMail2.0, a martech company, integrates up to 14 different technologies to enhance the effectiveness of print marketing. From tracking mail and showing attribution to boosting response rates, learn how the podcast's guest emphasizes the crucial role of direct mail in creating lasting impressions, especially for mature adults, and explores the synergy between digital and physical marketing channels in today's evolving landscape. Join the conversation to gain insights into the future of direct mail and its pivotal role in creating meaningful relationships, trust, and ROI in the marketing e ... 

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