Ep.71-Champion for Special Needs Students-Inclusion Advocates and Allies Founder, Kristin Nori

The Teacher Story by Jackie Scully

Episode notes

In this episode, I interview Kristin Nori, a distinguished education leader and the Founder of Inclusion Advocates and Allies, LLC. With a rich background spanning over 24 years in special education, trauma-informed practices, and program development, Kristin brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

Discover how this visionary leader is championing the cause of inclusion, advocating for diverse learning needs, and bridging opportunity gaps in education.

Kristin shares valuable insights into the intricacies of creating inclusive curricula, the impact of trauma-informed practices, and the pivotal role of social-emotional learning in fostering a supportive educational environment. Learn from their experiences in designing differentiated learning strategies, monitoring outcomes, and evaluating the effectiveness of social-emotional learn ... 

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