Talon Talk

by The Talon Staff

Members of The Talon staff talk daily news, entertainment, trends, and everything in between. New episodes weekly.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Talon Talk EP. 3

    Talon Talk EP. 3

    Aayushi, Samantha, Cian, and Kaitlyn discuss sports, pop culture, and much more.

  • Talon Talk EP. 2

    Talon Talk EP. 2

    Aayushi, Abby, Ananya, True, Amber, and Kaitlyn discuss several issues, including the school's new grading system.

  • Talon Talk EP.1

    Talon Talk EP.1

    Jackson, Mike, Abby and Brandon talk new grading system, Afghanistan, and TikTok trends.