Stories Podcast

by Bria Randal

Stories Podcast is hosted by Bria Randal. Her mission began with her drive to empower women. This goal has evolved to empowering you. Whoever you are and whatever you may be, this is made in the image of you. This podcast will offer you courage, vulnerability, faith, and hopefully a laugh through interviews and discussions on life and the different ways we each make it through the world.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 5

  • An Honest Understanding

    An Honest Understanding

    Whether you have been 25 or are 25 while listening to this, I think we can all agree the amount of reflection and understanding or lack thereof is shocking. If you aren’t 25 yet and listening to this, take it as a sneak peak and know that the years in front of you are much more free than the year you’re in and what you have left behind. This episode is about the honesty that comes with growing up and the strength to admit you don't know the answer, yet.

  • Uncomfortable Conversations with Bria: Friends & Soulmates

    Uncomfortable Conversations with Bria: Friends & Soulmates

    Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with. I know what it feels like to worry for a friend and to struggle with connecting. I also know the best aspects of friendship because of the people the Lord has put in my life. A dating question crept its way in too, so you know I’ll have something to say to that! Thank you to those of you that submitted your questions and topics are creating a really awesome bridge for me to connect with everyone listening. So, let’s jump in!

  • Facing the Gold and the Shadow

    Facing the Gold and the Shadow

    Welcome back to The Stories! After taking some time to let my identity and creativity come back to me, I am honored to share that with you. As we enter back into conversations focused on empowerment, free thought, and a few laughs, I want to share what the past few months have shown me during my hiatus. In this episode, I share my thoughts on how our greatest strengths can be our most hindering weaknesses and how self awareness is a key on a ring of many to find freedom. Enjoy and see you next week.

  • Season 4

  • A Conversation with Cole Arthur Riley

    A Conversation with Cole Arthur Riley

    Cole Arthur Riley is the creator and writer of Black Liturgies, a space for spiritual words of liberation, lament, rage, and rest; and a project of The Center for Dignity and Contemplation where she serves as Executive Curator. Born and for the most part raised in Pittsburgh, Cole studied Writing at the University of Pittsburgh. Her debut book, This Here Flesh, will be published in February of 2022. In this episode, Cole and I have an inspiring and uplifting conversation on blackness, faith, her new book, and everything in between.

  • Season 3

  • The Season of Moses

    The Season of Moses

    I wanted to share my recent life change in a way people could listen and hopefully relate it to something big or small within their own. A promise of this podcast was honesty, and honestly, I have been in a valley ignoring signs from the Lord for some time. This is a story about preparing my logistical and earthly mindset for a supernatural interference - there is something to be said for that.