The Stagger Tapes

by Hayden Guptill

Tune in weekly with me, Hayden Guptill for interviews and discussions with individuals within the Speedway community.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Episode 26 - Campbell Stewart

    Episode 26 - Campbell Stewart

    The nicest guy in NZ Speedway joins me on the podcast this week as we discuss the large variation of classes in his Speedway career. Campbell talks about his first season with the BSL Racing Team, his stint with KKM, and more.

  • Episode 25 - Alec Insley and Mitch Fabish


    Episode 25 - Alec Insley and Mitch Fabish


    Join me and two young guns from the midget class in an interesting discussion about their journey to becoming significant names in the midget class. Both drivers have a family history in the sport and different levels of involvement to date. I had a great time with the boys and I wish them luck this season!

  • Episode 24 - Cody Mckee


    Episode 24 - Cody Mckee


    On this episode of the podcast, I speak with Auckland Allstars Superstock driver, Cody Mckee. Cody breaks down all things Superstocks, along with discussing the blend between Superstocks and Western Springs, some memories from our past, and a whole bunch more.

  • Episode 23 - Sam Waddell

    Episode 23 - Sam Waddell

    Sam Waddell was gracious enough to take time out of his day to join me and Jarrod Guptill for a conversation about the ever-changing landscape of Super Saloon racing in New Zealand.

  • Episode 22 - Christian Hermansen


    Episode 22 - Christian Hermansen


    For the first episode back in 1210 days... I sit down with ex-driver and new Speedway New Zealand Board Member, Christian Hermansen. Christian and I discuss all things from misconceptions about SNZ, a reflection on the AGM just gone, his decision around joining the board, and more. Sit down and learn something about the behind-the-scenes of Speedway New Zealand from a newly welcomed board member.