The Spread Love Movement Podcast with Justin Court

by Justin Court

Every week in this podcast we’re talking to incredible and beautiful people who will be sharing their insights and perspectives to help you find more peace, to help you come from a place of love more often, to help encourage you to be kinder to yourself and others, to help you create more happiness in your life, to help you feel more oneness with others, and to help you connect to your higher self. My name is Justin Court. T ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • #122 - Communicating with an Unconditionally Loving God with Neale Donald Walsch

    #122 - Communicating with an Unconditionally Loving God with Neale Donald Walsch

    Website: Facebook: Neale Donald Walsch Book - GodTalk: Experiences of Humanity's Connections with a Higher Power There aren’t enough words to describe how special it is for me to have this guest on the podcast and how much it truly means to me. Neale Donald Walsch’s books have completely transformed my life, how I show up everyday, and how I perceive this reality we live in. He has given me the most profound teachings, understandings, and insight of how to live a life of love. And he’s shown me a God that’s pure love and loves unconditionally, for which I will always be grateful. A lot of the things I talk about on The Spread Love Movement pages and podcast about our oneness, love, forgiveness etc are inspired by Neale and his books.  During this episode Neale shares a 6 step process to how anyone can open themselves up and be in tune to receive communication from God and have their own conversations with God. How it’s important to remove our belief in a separation theology because that produces a separation cosmology, which produces a separation psychology, which produces a separation sociology, which produces a separation pathology. From all the many messages he’s received from God, he shares the most important one for humankind to understand and embrace. And he will show you a God that loves you unconditionally. 

  • #121 - Becoming Aware of Your Thoughts to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams with Tzachi Ozeri

    #121 - Becoming Aware of Your Thoughts to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams with Tzachi Ozeri

    @tzachiozeri Books: F*ck Your Past: Monk vs Monkey Mind: Today’s guest will help you move away from past programmed cycles that don’t serve you and help you move into new perspectives that aid in your happiness, peace and growth. Tzachi Ozeri is the Author of Fuck Your Past and Monk vs Monkey Mind. He taps into his life experiences and relationship with his family to help give you clarity on how you can live your best life. He talks about how he chose not to stay in the same victim and old school mindset of his parents that he knew didn’t serve him. He also gives great advice on how to move away and create space from people, friends, or family that don’t support you, your dreams and your growth. He’s a firm believer that happiness is a choice and that we all should be honest with ourselves and take responsibility for the life we’re living. He will encourage you to not be stuck in the past, and instead help you change your current self from recycling the same toxic thoughts and experiences as past versions of yourself.

  • #120 - Live with Intention so You Minimize Regret with James Brackin

    #120 - Live with Intention so You Minimize Regret with James Brackin

    The You Can Too Podcast - available on all podcast streaming platforms Social: @jamesbrackiniv Today’s guest is the youngest to ever be on the podcast. He’s a personal coach and became the youngest certified coach of over a thousand who joined that program. James Brackin is only 20 years old but already has a top 1% podcast globally called 'The You Can Too Podcast'. Through his coaching and podcast, James will help you live with intention so you minimize regret, and expand your belief in yourself. During the episode we talk about how you may not really be who you think you are because most of us are just recycling past ideas and versions of ourself, instead a living anew and creating from this exact moment. We talk about how the deaths of his father, uncle, and grandfather created a shift in his perspective, turning his pain into the life he wanted to live. We get into a bunch more about James’ life and the awesome work he’s doing. 

  • #119 - Turn Your Passion Into Your Business with Nick Hutchison

    #119 - Turn Your Passion Into Your Business with Nick Hutchison

    Today’s episode is with The Founder of Book Thinkers and a brand new Author, Nick Hutchison. Nick’s new book, Rise of the Reader, just came out on 11/1. His company, Book Thinkers a Book Marketing Agency, performs services for both Authors and Readers, which include book reviews, book recommendations, podcast booking, and they create awesome content and video production. They believe the right books at the right time can change lives, I know from experience how true this really is. During the episode Nick talks about his journey into books and how he turned his passion into a business, he goes more in depth about Book Thinkers as their services, and recommends some of his most favorite and impactful books. He also shares some tips and tools from his new book regarding setting intention when reading, helping to hold yourself accountable, and exactly how you can transform the information you read in books into action and results. It includes strategies for mastering your reading habits and applying what you learn. Nick's Book - Rise of the Reader: Strategies For Mastering Your Reading Habits and Applying What You Learn IG: @bookthinkers @nicklovesbooks

  • #118 - How To Help Awaken The Species

    #118 - How To Help Awaken The Species

    If you're someone who does your best every day to show up as light and love, and to create a better world through your thoughts and actions, but sometimes feels frustration or lack of patience or struggle in the process to be the change you wish to see in the world, then this episode is for you! In the episode I share a quote from one of my favorite books, Conversations with God - Book 4, which will help bring peace, harmony, and clarity as you journey towards a higher and more loving level of consciousness for yourself and the planet.@justincourt_@spreadlovemovement_