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His Dark Materials w Rhyd Wildermuth + Alienation

Soapbox by Reverend Janglebones & Kurt Huggins

Episode notes

Esteemed pagan recontextualizer, author, and all around cunning & charming guy Rhyd Wildermuth was kind enough to come share his delightfully Gnostic thoughts and reflections on Philip Pullman's now classic fantasy series His Dark Materials, along with the psyops and spirits of alienation that inevitably follow closely behind. We get into it about angels and their possible roles in empire, the necessity of the antihero, the insufferability of adults, daisy chains of products, ideas, and realities. As usual, it was a pleasure listening to his well-armed mind do the dance of noticing and we hope he enjoyed it half as much as we did.

(When Rhyd's time was up Kurt and Rev found themselves with a lot left to say from the usual low-brow-with-occasional-wisdom mode, but it's becoming more obvious that the absurdity which serves to mask their l ... 

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