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The Beach Bum w Joe Seul + Scene v Community

Soapbox by Reverend Janglebones & Kurt Huggins

Episode notes

Florida man, prolific musician, burgeoning standup comic, and old friend of the Rev's from his scene kid band days(daze) Joe Seul joined us to discuss the Harmony Korine film, The Beach Bum.

Joe brings a fresh and almost, dare I say, pure sort of curiosity and sense of exploration to his myriad creative projects. From a tall, black, laser and smoke-spraying monolith at his live shows, to a Galapagos nature video shot on-location and featuring an original score, to an acoustic live show alone in the woods that was literally for the birds, a controversial dip into talk show host, and on to his next horizon: standup comedy.

We chat about this stuff and the state of things in general, reminisce about Florida, how scenes are not necessarily communities and vice-versa, the tendency to push big red buttons, and the elbow brushing with insani ... 

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