Ep. 9: POV of a Blizzard & Tecnica Sales Manager

The Boston Ski Party by The Ski Monster

Episode notes

We sat down with Justin Heanue, the National Sales Manager of Blizzard Tecnica USA. We started it off by catching up with Justin and discussing the last time he was in Boston, when he and the Tec/Bliz team joined the TSM crew for an afternoon at America’s most beloved ballpark (Fenway). We then got into how Justin got started in the ski industry and he explained some of the steps he had to take before finding himself in the role he’s in today. Heanue then discussed his current role at Tec/Bliz, while getting into some of the differences between his day-to-day on the ski side with Blizzard, and the boot side with Tecnica. We ended the episode with a massive revelation in regard to the pronunciation of our guest’s last name.

justin heanue