What is Men's Work, what is Women's Work & how are they different? - with Tynon Bradford Alaom

Conscious Rebellion with Samantha Sacchi by Samantha Sacchi

Episode notes

Tynon does incredible men’s work and I'm in love with women’s work. One without the other is not complete!

Our deep passion for this work brought us together. We had a rich, meaningful and authentic conversation interviewing each other - so much fun!

We discuss:

  • What women’s work and men’s work is and means to us

  • How we think women and men’s work differs

  • The biggest issues we think men face & women face today

  • How we personally do this work differently to others

  • The feminine/masculine interplay within all of us

Tynon Bradford Alaom, my guest today, embodies true, integrated masculinity. His love affair with the Earth and the land and his never-ending exploration of the masculine and his own feminine has taken him many places  ... 

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