The Saran WrapExplicit

by Jason Saran

A lifestyle podcast by Jason Saran. Each episode he explores the meaning of life with special guests. 

Podcast episodes

  • Episode 10: Ashley Attianese

    Episode 10: Ashley Attianese

    Jason and Ashley discuss the ups and downs of social media, how to dress in today's standards and their views on life. 

  • Episode 9: Kevin Hejnas

    Episode 9: Kevin HejnasExplicit

    Jason discusses entrepreneurship with Online Fitness Coach, Youtube Star and Published Men's Health Model Kevin Hejnas. 

  • Episode 8: Zouhair Zamraki

    Episode 8: Zouhair ZamrakiExplicit

    Jason and Zouhair discuss what it's like being a young entrepreneur, having a positive mindset and how they view their failures. 

  • Episode 7: The Homies

    Episode 7: The HomiesExplicit

    Jason and the boys discuss their upbringings together, love life and what this stage of their life means. 

  • Episode 6: Kase

    Episode 6: KaseExplicit

    Jason and Kase discuss his journey as an artist/business. Moreoever, they touch on how their creative minds are both similar and have the same mission out of life. This episode touches on spirituality, mindset and how to get the t...