E16 - Artistic Sight & the Misleading Brain

The Sage Arts by Sage Bray Varon
Do you consciously look at the world through your lens as an artist? In other words, do you stop to consider how you are seeing things and make a conscious effort to look at the world without bias or expectations and with intention?Doing this takes vigilance and practice, but most importantly, it takes awareness of the issues that stop yo  ...  See more
Mar 25 2023

Ep016 23-0324 Artistic Sight - Transcript

It's being conscious of these expectations working at bypassing them. That allows us to visually engage in our creativity, either realistically or fantastically, or maybe even something in between. Hello all my wonderful creative friends. Thank you for. Joining me for the sage. Arts podcast I'm sage your host. I'm rather on my own today. Well, except I have you. Right. So I want to invite you in. Come have a seat. We've got lots of juicy stuff to talk about. Today, if you're at all a note taker, do grab yourself a pen and paper. If your hands and eyes are otherwise occupied, save the note taking for later and as a matter of fact, I'll tell you how to get a transcription of the episodes towards and if you want some type. Of content or. You can si

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